About Me

After doing the digital nomad thing for a couple of years and being asked the who are you, what do you do for a living and are you homeless questions on a regular basis – you’d think I’d have a good answer for this.

If you want a sound byte: I build, buy, flip and tinker with digital assets.

These can be websites, social media accounts, automation projects, investments or really any kind of passive income stream. I treat these digital assets in the same way as some would treat a brick and mortar rental property. I put time and/or money into building them and then they create a cash flow.

I realized a while ago I could weaponize my ADHD to work on a lot of different projects at once. I’m a serial side hustler but while many people use terms like shiny object syndrome as a negative, I see it as a positive and my entire strategy is built on a simple concept.

Play with projects that seem fun. Screw around with shit until it blows up in your face – in either direction.

I probably have a higher failure rate on projects than most but I’m alright with that. I’ll spend $15,000 on a website that flops after a month and spend $1,000 on a site that goes on to earn six figures.

If I had a business plan. It would look like a toddler had too much Prozac in his coffee (toddlers drink coffee, right?) but it works for me.

So, consider yourself warned if you choose to listen to my advice.

If you’re here, you probably do the same kind of thing. Or you’re interested in it. Or I’ve kidnapped you and forced you to edit my content. Either way, you’ll find a collection of case studies, opinions on digital investments and some very, very bad ideas.